Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okki - Complications and progress

Medical problems have been seriously halting up production lately. I wanted to have all eight episodes finished by the 17th of May, but on the 16th I suffered a major burn to my abdomen. I was unfit for work until Thursday that week. On the following Saturday, a tooth-filling in the front of my mouth fell out, exposing one of my frontmost teeth's nerves to the air! I couldn't get to a dentist's until the next day, so I spent Saturday in agony. Sunday was spent travelling to and from a dentist's on the other side of Brisbane. At least now I know the value of working in medical emergencies into buffer time for a project's schedule.

Currently I am in the final three weeks of my semester, so the completion of Okki is absolutely imperative. I have given Andrew Spark the worst case scenario that they will be completed by the end of the month and the best case scenario of having them done by Wednesday - we'll just have to wait and see.

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