Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Production has begun

I have verified with Louise that the Okki the Octopus project will be classified as my Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Project.
Thus far, I have had a great deal of artistic freedom, which I have exercised mostly in the form of editing the rather verbiose scripts we were given to a more animation-friendly, streamlined format.
I have been in regular contact with Andrew Spark through email, and intend to meet with him in person for another meeting soon. We will further discuss the logistics and time-frame of the project, as well as budget.
David Williams has completed a scratch track of the pilot (currently, I am voicing the mother as a placeholder), and we are waiting for a second batch of lines from Hannah Walsh, my American voice actor who has a brilliant 'motherly' voice. Her first set of lines was delivered perfectly, though she was using an inferior microphone - with instruction from David, she is redoing her lines and is sending them to us as soon as she gets them done.

For now, my objective is to complete this pilot episode as soon as time allows, and for the future films, I will be laying down deadlines with Andrew for more solid scheduling.
Actual animation and production is very fast thanks to the simplicity of Okki's design, and therefore, the other characters in the show as well.

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